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Being able to be your true self is one of the strongest components of good mental health.

Never apologize for living in your purpose



Licensed Therapist

I am currently taking clients from all backgrounds. My passion is working with black/brown folks who are struggling with anxiety, stress, grief/loss, and depression. It is my belief that incorporating a holistic approach is important when providing therapy.


Title 9 Mediation

At U.A.F offer consent trainings, counseling, and coaching opportunities at universities to individuals and groups to ensure an accountability process has taken place.

Trauma Informed 101

In this workshop we will explore the impact trauma. The goal of this workshop is for individuals gain the skills necessary to reduce triggering events for working professionals and the people they serve.

Conflict Resolution Training

In this workshop we will explore how to find a peaceful solution to a disagreement.  The goal of this workshop is for participants to learn conflict management styles, listening skills and to gain a better understanding on the importance of thinking through decisions before reacting.

Self-Identity and Cultural Humility Training

This workshop will help participants become more aware of their own cultural identity and views about people from different backgrounds. The goal of this workshop is for participants to become more mindful of stereotypes and varying cultural norms.

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